About Me

Hello, my name’s Ben. Didn’t quite catch yours.

I’m a writer by hobby and job. Welcome to my personal site!

I’ve been blogging about films for the past 8 years and have appeared in Tax Form Enthusiast, Fungus Today, Metronome PredictorTotal Mulch and several non-fictional publications too. I’ve guest written for a ton of blogs and I currently split my time writing for ScreenRant and myself on this here site. Despite the ridiculous, posturing and dogmatic way in which I write, I’m always up for some filmic discussion and hearing differing opinions to my own.

Please, browse the archive and leave comments, even if it’s to insinuate you’ve held sexual congress with a relative of mine.

If you have any site queries or insane demands for me to like/hate the thing you like/hate can contact me at ben@thepopcornbucket.com

If you’re so inclined, you can follow and interact with me on Twitter @MrZao



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